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Realify is an Australian real estate web platform that is made up of shareable buyer profiles, off-market selling opportunities and new revenue streams for agents. Realify differs from existing platforms in that buyers play more of an active role and can promote what it is they're searching for.

My role

I began as the sole Product UX/UI Designer at Realify, and participated in all product development, design activities, as well as handoff and management of product development.


Client: Realify
Project type: Product design and branding
My Role:  Interaction Design, UI Design, Branding, Prototyping
Tools Used: Figma and Adobe Illustrator

design process


Secondary research

Realify's founders originally programmed their app directly into, using their own ideas and experience based data. After realizing that it was more complicated than that, and that a UX designer was imperative, I was commissioned, placing emphasis on the fact that we had to design for our users, whilst keeping Realify's vision in mind.

To better familiarize myself with the product and industry, I dove straight into research, analyzing competitors (both direct and indirect), as well as conducted surveys and interviews, to better understand firsthand about those looking to buy and sell homes. The competitor analysis below briefly summarizes the different features of competitors and pseudo competitors. I also created a persona. Initially, the MVP was going to solely focus on the buyers' side, but research quickly proved that it was pretty tough to have one side without the other!
Competitor Analysis
Opportunities discovered based on our competitor analysis:

Primary research

2 different surveys were distributed: one for sellers and one for buyers


Going through our research data was valuable and overwhelming at the same time. The founders of Realify have a clear vision of what's in for the long haul; we thus had to make use of key prioritization, understanding what is priority for the right now (Beta 1.0) versus the "nice to have" and down the road.



I then synthesized the research into a set of deliverables, to guide me in keeping the users as a priority in the  design process. Though Realify will cater to multiple types of users, on a mission to launch the MVP, the founders made the decision to have it focus on buyers and sellers. I created the personas representing a buyer and seller.
Click to enlarge the persona
The personas served as a continuous reminder of the characteristics of the kind of people who may use Realify throughout the design process and have made it especially helpful for designing with "real users" in mind.



With a better understanding of our users, it was time to focus on creating solutions. In order to start working towards solution-focused designs, I developed a site map to solidify the organization of pages within the site.
Click to enlarge the site map


Using the research findings, sitemap, and developed persona, I was then able to chart several user flows. It is important to note, that this has been an iterative process with updates and changes to the business plan. It has been further broken down since and is still in progress.
User flow
Click to enlarge the user flow


I created mid-fidelity prototypes using these wireframes and had users test it out. After receiving feedback and implementing some changes, I moved on to the design phase.



Before I began working at Realify, though there was a logo, it was not scalable for responsive design. Additionally, design elements that existed were arbitrary and programmed directly into After pushing for the importance of a product design system, I had the opportunity to work closely with the dev team in order to design and build a design system.
The UI kit for Realify brings the brand and interface design together. The warm cherry pink and soft rounded typography are meant to add elements of vibrancy and warmness to what is often a cold process (home selling and purchasing)


I built the prototype in Figma, making adjustments via feedback from members of the Realify team and preliminary user testing (observations via prototype).
Samples of the screens
Working as the lead designer for Realify has been an incredibly rewarding and challenging role thus far. The MVP version as discussed in this case study, is the ultimate version, but the company is slowly testing out different aspects of the app using various Beta versions. This project given me the opportunity to be a part of an innovative product from the ground up. Take a look at what we're doing at!

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